Testimony of Healing

Last Sunday (October 11th 2009) morning I came before this Church physically and Most of All Spiritually, as We (my flesh and spirit) and you...literally "Cried Out" to God for my healing.

I've have had back problems all my life and this time at the age of 61...was my absolute worst...ever in my life.

I have had pulled muscles and degenerative disc desease...in my lumbar spine with literally no disc left now but 2...and they are buldged...with severe compression on the nerves and ligaments in my back.

I have gone through moist heat and electrical Tenz treatments and taken almost 500 pain killers since June 16th, which I asked for and received through my Doctors at the Veterans Hospital, Morphine pills have been the latest along with a booster of opium based pills in between the morphine...all again legally obtained through medical doctors.

Gods Spirit in me and the Holy Spirit that lives inside us all born again believers is...Thee most important voice we hear and have.  He lives in Me...in Us... and the Church.  He is my Comforter, Best Friend, Loves me and I am...and will Never Ever Leave me. Gods word to me as I understand it says, "I will not get you out of the trials and tribulations you Go through no matter what they be...for this is how you learn...understand...and grow in your life walk with Me...Jesus also says I will go with and be with you ALL Ways."

At the moment of my Cry right here in this Church with you believers all around me, a sinner, and born again, (for all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God) you cam around me praying not all knowing what I needed, or what I was going through but knowing I needed help! In the Power of the Holy Ghost, in an audible and inaudible voice crying out with me...Powerfully...as one in agreement. You came, you wept with me, and prayed for me.

I began my stand at that very moment amongest your hearfelt prayers, against the torment of morphine side effects, right hear in front of you, God's precious people and in the presence of The Most High God of the Universe.

I stopped taking pain meds that day and started a three day journey through the mose horrific physical and mental Hell, I believe one could have comprehended...shaking...chilling...sweating...gut wrenching pain...and Oh yes...Wide awake day and night. Yet, I was not alone. God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit were with me. Smothering me and holding me in Their Love and Presence. I gave thanks. Sometime early Wednesday in the darkest hours, I started to be delivered up and out from this the lowest point of my life. Praise God in the Hightest.

I am now Free of the morphine...Praise God!!! Clean and refreshed through His Blood and By His Grace, that is sufficient for me.

Again, I thank you for obeying God's way of lifting on another up (even at the lowest point in their life). For this is what we must do...Love, Pray, and Seek the Lord. This experience has been and is as Jesus and only Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life!!!

Please join me and the worship team as one, in spirit, in praise and in worship and truth as we proclaim healing has come into this house.

For I pray in Jesus Name

Let the Fire Fall, Let Your Glory come down, Let Your Wind blow...Fred Fessler

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